WLC is a collection of 10,000 Wicked Leopard NFTs—unique digital collectibles.
The person who owns the WLC can also have the copyright and can create secondary creations.
Your Wicked Leopard doubles as your WLC membership card, and grants access to members-only benefits.
Everything you can imagine is real.


Scene #1 Leopards who see the future gather in one place, as if they were drawn to something.
Leopards who have left behind their lives and formed an organization.
What is going on in the ruined Crypto World...!


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  • Phase 01
    YouTube channel launch <WICKED LEOPARD CLUB>

    Planning to upload Kerrigan May’s interviews, trailers, project previews, etc

    Planning to make a video that could be a hot topic

  • Phase 02
    Producing the WLC-themed EP album and sharing the revenue with Holders

    Producing an album that Holders can participate from the production stage

    Sharing WLC-themed beat, lyrics contest scheduled / Holders participation available

    The chance to appear in the music video for Holders who be interested(no limit on the number of people)

  • Phase 03
    Presenting exclusive membership NFT for VIP holders

    Air drop a VIP NFT

    VIP targets and detailed benefits will be notified through community channels later

  • Phase 04
    Publishing limited edition special NFT of WLC&Meta Kongz collaboration

    Publishing collaboration NFT with the best project in Korea, Meta Kongz

  • Phase 05
    Producing WLC character goods

    Making goods such as, clothes and hats and gift to Holders

    Collaboration proposal with other NFT and fashion brands

  • Phase 06
    Hosting a Holders-only WLC party

    Hosting various parties and gatherings unique to WLC such as pool parties, Holdem parties, and club parties

    Scheduled to be held regularly once every two months (Kerrigan participation / celebrity guest invitation)

  • Phase 07
    Busking tour in LA with Kerrigan May

    Street busking with 3 lucky Holders in LA, U.S.

    Scheduled to be uploaded to YouTube after producing and shooting contents
    (Schedule may be delayed due to corona issues)

  • Phase 08
    Kerrigan May's participation in 'Show Me The Money 11'

    Participated in 'Show Me the Money 11' to promote WLC

    Putting on Wicked Leopard goods and performing with lyrics about WLC

    Delivering Holders all prize money when winning

  • Roadmap 2.0 START
    Start of WICKED LEOPARD CLUB 2.0, which is even more powerful


  • CEO

    Kerrigan May

  • Marketing & Cs

    Meta Kongz

  • Project Management


  • Art&Design

    Park Jaywon


Kerrigan May

Join the holder-only private party with Kerrigan May!

Ewha Womans University (Sculpture, Philosophy)
2019 'Kerrigan May'



  • Q. What kind of project is WLC?
    A. WLC is a PFP NFT project created by Kerrigan May in collaboration with Meta Kongz. WLC is the first such project created and developed by an artist in Korea. WLC publishes 10,000 PFPs based on Ethereum and provides multiple benefits that only WLC Holders can enjoy. These include music performances, exclusive gatherings and private parties where celebrities such as rappers, actors, idols, and influencers attend. We plan to strengthen the community through creative and artistic events like: music events, games, and movies. As well as allowing free use of WLC copyright to encourage profitable activities for Holders.
  • Q. Why did Kerrigan May create WLC?
    A. “After seeing Travis Scott performing in the metaverse at Fortnite, I felt like I knew exactly what I needed to do and how to share the excitement in my heart. In a world where the boundaries between online and offline are blurring, for example projects like BAYC, I thought it would be nice to have a community where Holders could truly enjoy and share values in my home country, Korea. The goal is a fundamental NFT that forms and fosters community and focuses on creating new and exciting possibilities through shared interests.”
  • Q. What is the date and price of minting?
    A. Detailed schedules will be announced later through the community.
  • Q. How are you working with Meta Kongz?
    A. WLC is confident of its success not just through the hard work of our team and the benefits that we offer our holders but also through the support of the most successful NFT out of Korea, Meta Kongz. Doohee Lee from Likelion will be in charge of developing WLC's minting. And through collaboration with Meta Kongz, we plan to establish our position in the market.